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Getting Started Is Easy

Setting yourself up with a telephone answering service is easy. Firstly, you sign up for our FREE 7 day trial and we allocate you a telephone number. The number can either be a local number or an 800 number. This number is then used for the calls that we answer so you can either use it as your main number or you can transfer your existing number to the allocated number. Once you have your number you need to tell us what greeting you want us to use when we answer your incoming calls. You can change this greeting at any time that you want by either logging in to our admin area or by calling our friendly customer service staff. Once we have the greeting you need to tell us how you want your calls handled (ie, we answer all calls, some calls, transfer important calls to you etc) and how you would like your messages forwarded to you (email or SMS). It really just takes a few minutes to set up and then you are ready to go.

People like predictability when it comes to outsourced services. This is why we have designed some great value packages that include a specific number of calls during the month and that give you a great level of comfort when it comes to billing. If it looks like you are going to use more or less calls than your chosen package allows then you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. That's flexibility!

To sign up you can either complete our online sign-up form or you can call one of our helpful customer service representatives on 877-938-4439.

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