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Our Receptionists Become Part Of Your Team

More Time To Focus On Billable Hours

Let Us Handle The Time Wasters

How many times are you right in the middle of doing something really important like briefing a client or pitching to a new customer when someone calls and starts offering you janitorial services or tries to sell you printer toner. With a professional telephone answering service from VirtualReceptionist.Attorney you can leave those time wasters to us.

We Present Your Firm In A Professional Manner

Our professional trained receptionists will greet your clients with a customised greeting of your choice. You can change your greeting at any time depending on the season or any other factor that may impact on your firm. Our receptionists are courteous and professional when dealing with your clients and will ensure that your firm is well represented.

Respond To Messages When You Have The Time

Rather than lose your train of thought and have to drop something important, you can leave those incoming calls to us and we can forward them through to you via email. You can even instruct our receptionists to transfer the important calls to you and take messages on the not so important ones. It's all really flexible.

It Makes Financial Sense

It makes good financial sense to get yourself a virtual receptionist from VirtualReceptionist.Attorney.

Our packages start from only $15 per month (plus $2 per call). Our most popular package is the $75 package that includes 50 calls per month with a $1.75 excess for each additional call. When you compare this cost to the cost of having a full time receptionist it is only a small fraction of the cost. Similarly, think of all of the time that you are currently wasting with those time wasting calls and how much that time would be worth if you were able to charge it out to a paying customer.

Focus on what you are good it and leave the call answering to us.

It makes sense to outsource the less skilled tasks to our skilled receptionists and focus your time on generating revenue. Given that the average American attorney spends around 20% of their time attending to administrative tasks this should give you quite a bit more time to focus on generating revenue.

We won't lock you in to a long term contract.

We don't believe in locking our customers in to long term contracts. Our customers stay with us because we provide a great level of service and a great price. The relationship really does work for both sides, it's a Win Win.

You will be in very good company.

We answer telephone calls for more than 6,000 businesses. The largest group amongst those 6,000 would be lawyers, attorneys and legal professionals. We also have a large number of CPA's, IT professionals and consultants who trust us to answer their calls.

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